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Mission Trip to Mexico, 2008

Sunday, March 16th:

Well, they made it!   After driving a whopping 25 hours in a white van...the Mexico Mission Team arrived in Reynosa, Mexico on Saturday, March 15th at around 8 pm.  I received e-mails from Angelica Laudermith and Gene Hill.  Both of them shared that it was 103 degrees on Sunday!  On Sunday they shared in worship with the church in Reynosa.  Angelica shared this about the worship service:

"Hi!    I was going to great you in Spanish but I have no idea how to spell stuff.  The trip is going   GREAT!  Church yesterday was wonderful.  I teared up a little twice.  It was just so emotional, coarse I am kind of a sap.  My God got bigger yesterday though ;)  There was just something about the worship songs and singing songs we both know to this great big God we all sing our praises too.  ooooh  goosebumps anyway.  Then they came and prayed over us.  Samuel (Samwell) -the pastor, prayed and then layed his hands on each of us.  He also had said when we arrived that it was an answer from God.  So fabulous.  So we start work today.  Will have more to report later.  But so far so amazing!  Give everyone our love (from Sam too ;)   oh yeah and we have Internet.  :) but only 2 computers and we will probably limit use.  Hope you didn't get arrested for parading down main street.  Have a great St Patricks day!!

Adios! Angelica and the rest the Bunch!"


Friday, Heading Home  (Pastor Brook via phone conv. with crew)

I talked to Brody, Sam, Lewis, Glenda, and Bob today on the phone.  They had just crossed the boarder and were now in the U.S.   Here's some of their comments:

Glenda: On Monday we did home visits in the evening.  One of the homes we visited had 3 generations of family living there...every generation had much illness...cancer, MD, name it.  We sat and listened to their story, prayed with them, cried with them...and yet after all that...right afterwards they were joking away!   Their sense of humor was incredible...I could see that humor really helped them cope with the day.  I have never been on a mission work seems like every time I sit down and talk about it, I choke really does touch you heart!  It's been a wonderful trip!  

Bob Stoner: This is my first experience being in a different country with a different language.  I've been in Canada, but Mexico was so different for me.  I was impressed by Reynosa.  It's a city of 500,000 people...I was impressed by the bussiness district...maybe not quite as clean as the U.S. cities...but well kept...and thriving.  The streets may not have been as wide, but it was impressive.  I also was impressed by the warmth of the Mexican people.  When we worshipped together they were so gracious and warm...really touched my heart. 

Sam:  It was a good trip.  We worked hard.  Putting up those stairs was a tough project. I could use a good shower...the showers had no pressure. 

Brody:  We worked hard!  Mixing the cement and carrying it by bucket up and down stairs was tough.  But it was worth it.   The people really loved what we did for their church.  Oh, by the way...say hi to mom and dad! 

Lewis: We had a great experience.  Too much to share over the phone...but I can hardly wait to get home to share some of the pictures and stories with all of you.  Everyone who went on the trip did a great job.  The people in Mexico were so appreciative of what we did.